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Watercolor Painting of the Mises Institute Campus

We are the worldwide epicenter of the Austrian economics movement.

The Mises Institute, founded in 1982, teaches the scholarship of Austrian economics, freedom, and peace. The liberal intellectual tradition of Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973) and Murray N. Rothbard (1926-1995) guides us. Accordingly, we seek a profound and radical shift in the intellectual climate: away from statism and toward a private property order. We encourage critical historical research, and stand against political correctness. The Institute serves students, academics, business leaders, and anyone seeking better understanding of the Austrian school of economics and libertarian political theory.

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The Accad & Koka Report

50. Thieves of Virtue: How Bioethics Stole Medicine

Are bioethicists too complacent about their grasp of economics? A fascinating discussion with Dr. Tom Koch.

Radio Rothbard

After #MeToo, Men Begin Avoiding Female Co-Workers

When the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed, employers hired fewer disabled workers, because they feared...

Radio Rothbard

We Need Unilateral Free Trade with Post-Brexit Britain

As the EU tries to exploit the UK in Brexit negotiations, the US should adopt total unilateral free trade with the UK.

Institute Publications

Poujade: ¿Amenaza o promesa?

Las protestas contra los impuestos tienen una historia bien establecida en la política francesa, como lo describe...

Introduction to the Civil War

Building a Blockade

Chris Calton details how technological innovations changed the course of naval warfare during the Civil War.


Las leyes de pobres de Inglaterra

La Enmienda a la Ley de los Pobres de 1834 intentó abordar el problema de los costos de fuga y los abusos del sistema.

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