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What Soviet Medicine Teaches Us

HealthTaxes and SpendingFiscal TheoryOther Schools of Thought

In 1918, the Soviet Union became the first country to promise universal "cradle-to-grave" healthcare, writes Yuri N. Maltsev. This audio Mises Daily is narrated by Harold Fritsche.
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Not Enough Inflation?

The FedFree MarketsFiscal TheoryInterventionism

04/25/2012Mises Daily Articles
A closer look at the actual data reveals what Paul Krugman conveniently chooses to leave out.
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The Objectives of Currency Devaluation

Global EconomyFiscal Theory

02/27/2012Mises Daily Articles
Governments cannot rebel against the preponderance of generally accepted ideologies, however fallacious.
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Deflation's Inflationary Source

Global EconomyFiscal Theory

02/16/2012Mises Daily Articles
Central banks are fighting a foe — deflation — that is of their own making.
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The Fed's Quasi-Fiscal Policies

The FedFiscal TheoryMoney and BankingMonetary Theory

02/08/2012Mises Daily Articles
The current policies of the Fed are a sharp departure from the old way of performing monetary policy.
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The Economic Underworld of Social Credit

Capital and Interest TheoryFiscal Theory

Recorded at Mises University 2011. Includes an introduction by Mark Thornton.
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