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The Fed vs. Savings

The FedMoney and BanksGold StandardPrices


The Federal Reserve and in particular fiat money ruins the incentive to save for a better future.

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How US States Can Pave the Way for Greater Use of Sound Money

Money and BanksGold StandardMoney and Banking


Utah has declared any gold and silver coins issued by the US government as legal tender in the state — and free from any taxation.

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45 Years Without Gold

Money and BanksWar and Foreign PolicyGold StandardMoney and Banking

The dollar's last tie to gold was severed 45 years ago. Gold had always been an inconvenience for governments looking for more debt and spending.

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The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics 19, no. 1 (Spring 2016)

Calculation and KnowledgeGold StandardMonetary Theory


This new issue features important contributions to monetary theory and policy, a novel program for re-establishing gold money, and much more.

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Jim Grant: Gold Is a Defense Against "Monetary Shenanigans"

Gold StandardMoney and Banking


Grant: "I think both the institution of government-credit money and of credit are in a tough way."

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The Task Confronting Libertarians

Big GovernmentStrategyGold Standard


Written in 1968, Hazlitt discusses libertarian strategy, why Big Business won't defend capitalism, and the importance of defending sound money.

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Texan Plans to Build Gold Depository

Legal SystemGold StandardMoney and Banking


Texas is moving ahead with its plan to build an independent gold storage facility where ordinary people can have accounts.

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Ludwig von Mises's Top 9 Quotes on Gold

Gold StandardMoney and Banking


From The Quotable Mises, Ludwig von Mises's best nine quotes on gold and the gold standard.

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The Week in Review: May 7, 2016

Global EconomyGold StandardMoney and Banking


The Trump phenomenon, Brexit, and the ongoing wars against sound money illustrate the growing divide between the voters and the elites.

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While America Debates the $20 Bill, China Moves Closer to Gold

Global EconomyGold StandardMoney and Banking


In spite of Ben Bernanke's assurances to the contrary, it is clear that China still sees gold as money.

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