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The Coming Software Patent Apocalypse

Legal SystemMonopoly and Competition


Interesting post about software patents. Explains that even companies that oppose software patents, such as Oracle Corporation and Red Hat, still file for and receive software patents—they must do so for defensive purposes. Of...

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Revisiting some problems with patents

Legal SystemMonopoly and Competition


I was recently talking with a very intelligent fellow patent attorney, and we got around to the subject of policy issues. One thing led to another and he discovered, and was a bit shocked by, myt opposition to patent and copyright. He was interested in some further information on the topics we...

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Feds Eye Google

Legal SystemInterventionismMonopoly and Competition


Declan McCullagh writes of the growing sense that Google will become the target of antitrust intervention. For the primer on why such attacks are unnecessary and destructive, see...

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Inventor versus innovator

Legal SystemEntrepreneurshipMonopoly and Competition


If you missed it, the creator of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg), a popular social networking website, was sued three years ago by a company he had previously worked at.

The lawsuit lists a number of allegations, including the fact that Zuckerberg "took the original idea" and appropriated it...

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Patents — Prescription for Disaster

Legal SystemMonopoly and Competition


As Medical Patents Surge, So Do Lawsuits reports that

A surge in patents that protect surgeries and other medical methods has triggered numerous lawsuits in recent years, with inventors fighting more vigorously than...

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The Champion Inflator - Higher Education

EducationMonopoly and Competition


I read where tuition and fees at private colleges are up 5.9% this year. well, first of all you know that number is no more reliable than the polls of KIm Jong-II's popularity taken on North Korean streets — with the secret police standing by: about as meaningful as sticker prices on a lot full...

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Service and frustrations

Monopoly and Competition


Yesterday I stopped at an RV/boating store to buy a 40-amp fuse for my camper. Right after I walked into the store, another man, along with his son, entered looking for a place to register his boat. Two sales clerks were available, so we both got immediate attention.

The clerk waiting on...

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