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If Climate Change Is Killing Us, Why Is Life Expectancy Increasing?

Burocracia y RegulaciónEl Medio Ambiente

If climate change effects aren't enough to put a noticeable dent in life expectancy, then why is climate change talked about as an apocalypse?
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The Left Isn't Convinced by Your Economics Arguments

IntervencionismoTeoría Política

Many people on the left regard economics as neither a science nor a principled field of study. For them, economics is just a pseudo-science invented as corporate propaganda, and people who push "free-market economics" do so because they are either evil or brainwashed by corporate masters.
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15. David Gornoski on Biblical Mercy, Scapegoats, and the State as Vehicle of Human Sacrifice

BiografíasMedios y CulturaFilosofía y Metodología

Bob Murphy and David Gornoski discuss state violence and some healthy alternatives to a violence-based society.
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