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Quote of the Day: Private Schools in Emerging Markets

EducationTaxes and Spending


The Rise of Private Universities:

Public schools teach "students to think about joining the commanding heights, not to become a junior partner in a firm," says University of Illinois economist Salim Rashid. "They [...

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Economics or indoctrination

Big GovernmentEducation


The results are in for the first ever National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) test in economics -- the feds consider the NAEP to be the "nation's report card." Supposedly, the results show that American public...

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Graduate Degrees in Austrian Economics in Spain



King Juan Carlos University has started the program under the direction of Jesus Huerta de Soto.

You can get a masters and PhD degrees. For information email:

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The Champion Inflator - Higher Education

EducationMonopoly and Competition


I read where tuition and fees at private colleges are up 5.9% this year. well, first of all you know that number is no more reliable than the polls of KIm Jong-II's popularity taken on North Korean streets — with the secret police standing by: about as meaningful as sticker prices on a lot full...

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New Economics Department Rankings



Rabah Amir (University of Arizona, Eller College of Management) & Malgorzata Knauff (Warsaw School of Economics) have published...

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M.A. in economics in Spain

EducationAustrian Economics Overview


The Universidad Rey Juan Carlos now offers a Masters degree in economics, under Jesus Huerta de Soto, with a focus on the Austrian School. More here.

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Sennholz the Great



Some excellent material, including images, at

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The GI Bill

EducationPolitical Theory


Garrison Keillor notes the anniversary of the GI Bill on the Writer's Almanac:

It was on this day in 1944 that President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law the GI Bill of Rights. It was one of


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