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Japanese Consumers Not Afraid of Deflation

Booms and BustsThe FedMoney and BankingPrices


It turns out that the Japanese people do not have the Apoplithorismosphobia that their government officials have.

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Central Banks Sheepish as Savers Keep Saving

The FedMoney and BanksMoney and Banking


Frightened by an unstable economy and low returns, savers are saving even more and frustrating the plans of central bankers.

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Yellen Grilled on Fed Partisanship

Big GovernmentThe Fed


The Fed's claim of independence is as shallow as its numerous promises to raise rates and return to normal monetary policy.

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The Week in Review: September 24, 2016

The FedGlobal EconomyBusiness Cycles


From near-zero interest rates to price controls to easy home loans, it is clear that government is now more in need of sound economics than ever.

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FOMC, Not Surprisingly, Holds on Interest Rates Again

The FedMoney and Banks


The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) decided yet again today to hold off on raising the target federal funds rate.

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No, the Fed Doesn't Have a Plan. Yes, the Fed Really is Monetizing Government Debt

The FedU.S. EconomyMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking


A Wall Street crisis would become a Main Street crisis without quantitative easing, or so the story began in Nov. 2008. Have you seen a recovery?

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The Week in Review: September 17, 2016

Big GovernmentThe FedGlobal EconomyU.S. Economy


There is just no relief from the constant drum beat for more and more government intervention in the economy.

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The Fed Plans for the Next Crisis

The FedMoney and BanksMoney and Banking


The Fed is busy coming up with new ways to "stimulate" and manipulate the economy.

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The Fed vs. Savings

The FedMoney and BanksGold StandardPrices


The Federal Reserve and in particular fiat money ruins the incentive to save for a better future.

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