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Obesity Increases: Is Capitalism to Blame?



The data suggests the vast majority of Americans have access to healthy food. Some people choose not to eat it.

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Why Health Care Costs Exploded After World War II

HealthU.S. HistoryEntrepreneurshipInterventionism


The advent of health insurance and regulated health care brought a new era of rampant health care inflation.

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The Early History of Regulated Health Care

HealthInterventionismMonopoly and Competition


A brief history of how various state interventions have raised health care prices and lessened access.

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The Moral Incoherence of Drug Prohibition

HealthLegal SystemInterventionism


The claim is made that drug use is immoral, so must therefore be illegal. Should we outlaw every other immoral activity also?

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The Week in Review: April 16, 2016

HealthTaxes and SpendingU.S. Economy


Tax day reminds us of the violent coercion that is essential to every government's budget.

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What’s So Moral About Moral Hazard?

Big GovernmentHealthInterventionism


Moral hazard is a vital concept for economics. We should be careful not to let critics trivialize or dismiss it; when they do, calls for government intervention and special privileges are seldom far behind.

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Let's Get Government Out of the Physician Certification Business

Free MarketsHealth


Should the government impose its own standards for certification for physicians? The short answer is "no."

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Flint MI. Whistle Blower Says Public Science Broken

EducationThe EnvironmentHealthPrivate Property


The Virginia Tech Professor who blew the whistle on lead in the water in Flint, MI thinks "public science" has been broken. Not knowing its been a broken system all along.

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My Irish Eyes Are Smiling

HealthThe Police StateInterventionism


Across the board drug decriminalization is coming and Ireland is next in line.

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Mises Weekends: Bob Murphy

Big GovernmentHealth


On this episode of Mises Weekends, Jeff Deist and Bob Murphy discuss how government medicine is killing us.

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