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Why Homeschool?

In a free society, families, parents, and students would enjoy a lively competitive marketplace for educational methods and institutions. Through taxation and regulation, governments have done much to limit educational choices. Nonetheless, an increasing number of families have turned to home education in recent decades as a means of better addressing the unique educational needs and plans of students and their families.

The Mises Institute now provides a variety of resources for home educated students at a variety of skill levels. Unlike many other schools of economic thought, Austrian economics provides a high degree of real-world engagement in thinking about economic concepts, and does not rely on arcane or unrealistic models that do little to explain real life phenomena.

Our program in Austrian economics will help students to think like economists and view real-world problems in light of concepts such as the subjective theory of value, marginal utility, Austrian theories of capital and production, and Austrian business cycle theory. Students will also learn to compare and contrast with other schools of thought.

An understanding of these concepts will help students better understand the role of money, capital, and credit in the economy and to get more out of any economics program the student may encounter in formal programs like those found in higher education institutions.

Home educators will be able to tailor these resources to specifically fit the student's needs while providing many opportunities for expanding the student's understanding of economics far beyond the mainstream.

These resources may also be used to supplement institutional school programs. 

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